The University is looking for a dynamic, self-driven and result oriented professional to fill a vacancy for the position of Marketing, PR and Alumni Affairs Director.


Qualifications and Skills Required

Academic: Must have Master’s Degree in the field of Communication or Business or Theology with a network of connections in the church sector.

Religion: Must be a practising member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and be fully supportive of the ideals and objectives of the Church and the University.

Experience: Have at least five years’ relevant experience in any two or more of the following areas: public relations, marketing and promotion, church leadership, event organization and project management.  


Preferred Skills

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Highly organised and excellent time management
  3. Ability to plan and think ahead, and meet deadlines
  4. Ability to use initiative and prioritise work
  5. Strong public speaking abilities
  6. Ability and willingness to travel
  7. Ability to connect with people and leaders
  8. Understanding of digital and traditional marketing methods
  9. Understanding of current marketing concepts, strategy and Best Practice
  10. MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT)
  11. Good problem-solving skills
  12. Project management skills


Duties and Responsibilities

The tasks and responsibilities of the Marketing, PR and Alumni Affairs Director will comprise but are not limited to:        .


  1. Develop, update and implement a marketing strategy for the University in consultation with the Marketing Committee.
  2. Organize AUA promotion at camp meetings individually or using AUA staff and make presentations at the camp meetings.
  3. Visit the Workers Meeting of conferences and Ministerial Association meetings of various unions to promote the university
  4. Promote the University widely within the Church sector as well as within Kenya for SPS programs.
  5. Develop and implement an advertisement campaign
  6. Oversee the design of attractive promotional materials and brochures for the University
  7. Plan, allocate work, advice and supervise the functions of the Asst. Director Marketing, PR and Alumni 
  1. Call for meetings of Marketing and PR Committee and make quarterly or annual plans, implement and review.
  2. Facilitate meetings between Finance, Admissions, Academic and Marketing personnel to ensure smooth flow of enrolment processes.
  3. Prepare enrolment information and trends on agreed format and present in the enrolment committee and come up with marketing strategy.


  1. Develop strategies to communicate with different stakeholders such as: sponsors, prospective students, ECD, SID, and WAD constituency, general public and internal members in the organizations.
  2. Organize ‘publicity and PR’ campaigns for the University to place the University continually in the market with the support of the Asst. Director, Marketing and PR
  3. Write targeted articles of activities that happen at AUA for publishing in various Church magazines
  4. Researching, writing and promotional information to targeted audiences in the Church and outside.
  5. Receive selected, high-profile University guests and ensure their comfort while on Campus
  6. Invite one prominent person to the Campus or any of the University events.


  1. Identify and cultivate friendships with alumni and work with them through the year to promote the University
  2. Develop knowledge of alumni and systematically approach them and mobilize to support enrolment efforts of the Marketing department and the University.
  3. Organize alumni chapters and ensure these are functional in at least five cities in Africa and international chapters where possible.
  4. Organize the Alumni Association gathering which takes place through the year in different parts of the continent.


  1. Regularly conduct the PR and Marketing committees that fall under this position
  2. Manage the operations of the department within the budgetary provision.
  3. Any other job as assigned by the immediate supervisor that is in line with the expertise of the employee.


Method of Application

All applications should be addressed to the Human Resources Office and should be sent via e-mail by October 15, 2022 using


Only Qualified applicants will be notified and invited for an interview.

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